The H Residence is an understated and innovative mixed-use project designed by tkpd in Al Safa, right at the heart of the Jumeirah district, aiming to redefine the concept of urban living.

Location – Dubai, United Arab Emirates Type – Mixed use
Area – 18,400 sq.m
Year – Under construction 2023
Client – A.R.M Holding


A human-scaled living experience

Combining a sophisticated retail and F&B area, featuring globally renowned names such as Cipriani , Nac and Maison Kitsune –with high end 37 residential units, this low-rise development provides a human-scaled living experience seamlessly integrating with the local community and existing urban fabric.

Replacing an old retail structure that has been a cherished destination since the 1980s, the proposed design has been met with initial resistance that soon turned into unwavering support. The community’s patience and trust in the architect’s vision have been rewarded.

With a spacious 1,800sqm public space strategically placed at the heart of the project and accessible to everyone. Surrounding the plaza, the apartments, townhouses, and F&B units offer direct access and stunning views of the central garden.


360° views of the city’s skyline

One of the most distinctive features of the central plaza is its sloping design, which allows for a higher number of floors at the back of the building. This innovative approach also provides enough head-height to accommodate a bridge connecting the two wings of the building. Moreover, the sloping design ensures privacy for the ground floor townhouses facing the plaza, while uniformly connecting the residents’ lobby with the main drop area at the back, enhancing overall flow and accessibility.

The H’s two wings are connected by a 30m spanning bridge, exclusively accessible to residents, serving as a prime recreational area. On top of the bridge, an outdoor infinity 300 sqm pool offers breathtaking 360° views of the city’s skyline, including Downtown Dubai, the Burj Khalifa, the plaza, and the sea.

Hospitality takes centre stage on the ground floor, with three F&B high end operators at the front. These establishments provide outdoor seating areas overlooking the vibrant plaza. The other half of the ground floor features 25 two and three-bedroom townhouses i, each with a cozy front yard and a larger back garden with direct access to the plaza.



A new vibrant communal hub

The first floor boasts 8 spacious apartments, ranging from one to three bedrooms, offering smaller yet truly comfortable living spaces. Deep balconies provide privacy and sun shading, creating a serene and enjoyable environment. Specially designed vertical louvres adorn the façade, striking a balance between shade and natural light, while minimising energy consumption for air conditioning.

The H’s understated design, characterised by the dynamic relation between the sloped plaza, arched wings, and sky bridge, stands out within Dubai’s urban fabric. This project promises to breathe new life into the community, replacing an outdated retail destination with a vibrant communal hub that encourages social interaction in a busy part of Dubai such as Jumeirah providing a much needed green, shaded space accessible to residents as well as to external guests. Capturing the essence of the existing context with its thoughtful design and seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, the H Residence by tkpd is set to become a new and long-lasting beloved destination for both locals and visitors alike promoting inclusion whilst nurturing a new sense of belonging.



Tariq Khayyat , Xiaosheng Li

Design team
Sarah Asif
Mohamed Fahmy
Maggie Mao
Louai Jaber
Omar Kaddourah
Ahmed Yakout
Bana Mansour
Ibrahem Kasia Tracz

Architect of record & Engineering
Dewan Architects & Engineers
Façade Engineering
Drees & Sommer
Francis Landscape
Architectural lighting
Delta lighting solutions

Main Contractor

Phillip Handforth

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