In-Collaboration with Zaha: Bee’ah HQ

Designed in response to its natural environment, the 7,000 sq.m Bee’ah Headquarters building is located on a 90,000 sq.m. site adjacent to Bee’ah Waste Management Centre.


The design is informed by its desert setting

An array of dunes lead to Bee’ah Headquarters, the two main dunes intersecting at a central courtyard. The building houses management and public areas – comprising of entrance lobby, cafe, auditorium, education centre, gallery, and management meeting rooms – as well as the administrative department, with offices and a staff recreational area.

The 7,000 sq.m. project is located on a 90,000 sq.m. site adjacent to Bee’ah Waste Management Centre. Designed in response to its natural environment; the building references sand dunes sculpted by the Shamal winds, providing the interiors spaces with plenty of natural light and views while also limiting the amount of glazing exposed to the Sun.

The exterior cladding is conceived to reflect sun rays, and the facade is operable to allow natural ventilation and minimise conditioned cooling usage. When conditioning is required, it is optimised by harvesting the waste heat generated by the chillers, which would otherwise be rejected into the atmosphere, to provide hot water.

A cleaner vision

Bee’ah is the Middle East’s leading environmental and waste management company, aiming to transform attitudes and behaviours towards achieving their goals of zero waste to landfill, cleaner air and water, renewable energy and sustainable practices.

This building is a testimony to the company’s vision – active and passive energy solutions are deployed, reducing energy consumption by 30%; all power for the building is generated through ultra-low carbon sources from waste as well as from photovoltaic elements embedded into the landscape, non-potable water is recovered and recycled, resulting in a exceptionally low dispersion of potable water, earning Bee’ah Headquarters the LEED Platinum Certification.

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